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Archetypes and Kedi Billa and Killadi Ranga!

Now, the archetype is a very interesting concept in psychology. Just like the body has its organs,the mind too has its organs and some    of its organs are the archetypes.  If a single thought can be equated to a single cell, then an idea can be equated to a tissue, and a personality is a collection of ideas that get glued together.

The common man’s understanding is that we all have our own individual personalities and that each of us are unique in our expressions.Some people have delightful personalities while a few others have really some screws missing in their box.  But that is only a very superficial way of understanding ourselves. Our personalities, that we so proudly proclaim as ours, are most often not really ours.

There are typical personality stereotypes in the human psyche, the human unconscious, called as the archetypes that we begin to channelise. There are no exceptions.  Each of us, however unique we might think we are, however successful or failure, each one of us have these archetypal personalities that controls the way we experience our lives.

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This movie was just plain DISASTER. Coming from me, this is really something since I usually tend to find any mythical epic, historical war film utterly fascinating. I Just love them, the settings, the dresses, the stories, the values, the grandiosity everything transports me to another time and another world from which I am ever reluctant to return. However bad the movie you will find me enjoying it! Immortals is the only exception to this long held love of mine.

Half the scenes were so dark that you wondered if you were watching a new style – the black movies, you imagine what you want to see!! The next half was so grizzly violent that you felt like throwing up, brutally sticky images of the young oracles butchered and locked into the minotaur’s metal statue and roasted alive, plucking out eyes with bare fingers, making a man open his legs wide and hammering him, My God! not to add the special effects of flying blood and flesh in the name of 3D. Well, technically sometimes it was superlative 3D effects, but when you repeatedly get to see the same bloodthirst again and again it becomes boring and sadistical. I especially liked the fancy hairdos of the gods and their elegant costumes. And I can go as far as to say the epirus bow looked very interesting. Continue Reading

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