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Real Life Heros

3 30. in the morning! Now, that’s no time to be out on the roads, unless you are flying high on a late night party or it’s the day of the Dream Runners Half Marathon and you are the volunteer-cyclist. Fired up with Adrenaline, I was there sharp on time to be the route marshal for the third woman runner. Laying for her a bridge to run on the sea of eager runners was my task. Man, did I enjoy shouting on top of my voice “Please move, winner running!!” to a sea of runners,? You bet!

The first two women runners passed me by like bolts of lightning. And then came Kavitha. Slender like a willow, dark and with not an extra ounce of fat in her body. I happily took my position a little behind her as it was a free road. And I loved seeing her while she ran. The graceful form and rhythmic movement of an elite runner was indeed a treat to the eyes. Not to mention my wistful fantasies to be able to run like her and wishing for the nth time that I had taken to running when I was younger.

The first surprise came when she called me to the front and asked me to be sure to clear a big way for her on the way back. It was still dark and I didn’t notice the details of her face. It was just surprising that she didn’t even gasp after having run a kilometer. She did not seem to be able to follow even a simple sentence in English. I don’t know if I am going deaf or if her tamil was so different from Chennai Tamil, I had to make her repeat her instructions thrice. She did without losing her breath.

All of a sudden, my eyes landed on her feet and what the heck!!!, She was running BAREFOOT!! Imagine running 21 kilometers on tar roads, with all its tiny bad spiky pebbles which are quite tricky if you just walk, how bad can they turn when you are landing on them at fifty times your body weight!? I kept waiting and waiting for her to slow down, but she didn’t. And the worst part? When I told her that I am assigned to lead the third runner, she firmly shook her head and said, “Second, I will finish second.” That was on the first kilometer. How awesome is it to have such confidence on your own abilities, when you are just in the first lap!

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Why have I not got married?

Ok, I am going to answer this one last time. I am sick and tired of facing this question spoken or unspoken, thrown at me by every Tom, Dick and Harry. In future I am planning to give this link to anyone who asks me the question. funny

Why have I not got married?

The fact is I honestly don’t know. But I have some theories.

1. It might be because of the marital profile I have put up in the Bharat matrimony site. The usual profiles in Indian marriage market go on to say, “I am kind, sincere, good, decent back-ground, fun for life blah blah, which when summed up means, “I am God’s perfect gift to humanity and I want another one of his masterpieces as spouse.” Maybe my profile fizzles out instantly in comparison as it says:

“I am a good girl, Oh really I am, and I do believe in fantasy creatures like dragons, goblins and good men. 

Now for the man I want to hunt down, I mean find, you must look like Brad Pitt and earn like Bill Gates. Must be interested in mutual hate discussions and must be skilled at insulting, screaming and slamming doors in public. If you are what they say as ‘Mr Right’ then you will know instinctively that I am ‘Mrs Always Right’. My favorite hobby is designing night-wear for ghosts. It will be great if you can be supportive and give me ideas on that one. I can talk for hours without any topic. You must be willing to listen and contribute meaningful ‘Ohs’ and ‘Ahas!!’ but nothing more.If at all things don’t work out well for us, then I give you permission to unfriend me from real life but don’t ever unfriend me from Facebook.”

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In the name of ‘Love’…

(Incident narrated with the permission of the concerned person)

That phone call began like any other.

“Am I talking with Kirtanya?” Clear tones of a woman in her late forties.

“Yea, you are. Please go on.”

“Madam, I would like an appointment with you?”

“Ok. Could you please outline the issue for me?”

“Oh, It’s regarding my daughter Ma’am who is 24 years old. She has become very reactive and doesn’t seem to care about me. I watch all your programs in TV and they are simply superb. (Well, no exaggeration 🙂 I am really quoting her) I thought you will be the right person to counsel her.”

“You can definitely bring her over. But I am very tightly scheduled for the next two weeks. Please call me after a week and fix your appointment.”

“Ok.. But can I atleast talk to you over the phone?”

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Down the Rabbit ‘memory’ hole…

At two years, the fat baby is my sister Jaya!

I stood there with my little niece, at the very end of the street, unable to believe that the men disappearing far away around the corner, had on their shoulders, my father. And that I will never again see his toothless smile for as long as I live. There is no going back!! With an aching heart, listening to the child’s babble of my niece repeating innocently, “Thaatha ookkuu poitta.., thatha thetthu poitta.., thatha kulichuthu oorkku poitta..” I turned and walked back through the main street of my native village.

Lost in thoughts, I didn’t notice the woman who was walking towards me until she planted herself firmly in front of me and said, “Hey, do you remember me?” She looked at least ten years older to me. For the life of me I could not recollect the face staring at me. And then she said excitedly, “I am Ammu, Ammu, don’t you remember, We studied together here in the corporation school” An image of a tiny little girl with tearful and accusing eyes staring up at me flashed before me. I asked her pensively, “Were you the one in whose face I threw my lunch??!!” She laughed and said, “Not only that, the next day you got your father to my home, made it look as though it was all my mistake and man, did he fight with my father tooth and nail?!” Continue Reading

What if this happens one day?!?

Your husband, (wife if you are a male) comes home one day with a much younger, adorable, sweet woman(man) and tells you excitedly, “Honey, guess what?!? You are so sweet, so cute, so adorable that I decided to have another wife just like you!” Even as you are recovering from the shock he goes on to say, “Is n’t it thrilling to think of the stuff you both can do together everyday! Ahh, its so much fun to have company for you!” Just visualise the scenario as though it is happening now. 🙂 How would you feel? (Substitute wife for husband and ‘she’ for ‘he’ through out the post if you happen to belong to the male species.)

A few days later you, your husband and the new wife go for a party. All your husband’s friends and even your friends just pass over you with a casual “how are you” thrown half-handedly over your head, but are gushing endlessly over the new wife “Choo chweet, Isn’t she a darling?!! Awww.. cutie pie!!” Again, visualise yourself nibbling your lower lip, and tell me how are you feeling?

As the new wife is settling in very well and consuming all your husband’s attention, you are sulking in your room. One day, your husband barges into your room and starts rummaging in your shelf. He selects few of your clothes and accessories. You ask what is wrong and your husband off-handedly answers “Oh honey, I am sure these things have become old and you can give it off to her!” – Your reactions? Continue Reading

Lost hope? Good!!

A friend introduced me to stock market and intraday trading. After dabbling with it for sometime I took a backseat and became a mere audience. According to me the stocks did not follow any rule in their appreciation and depreciation and I could see that the advice of another friend was on dart, “It is sheer gamble.”

Unfortunately a few others who were there in the same sea along with me didn’t think so. Particularly, there was another girl who invested about twenty five thousand of her hard earned money. In one shot she lost about fifteen thousand. A small series of tiny profits followed and then there came a day when she lost all her margin and then some in one single day. Now, instead of getting alarmed, she only thought the problem was her trading methodologies and she made a decision to trade wisely. She replenished her margin. But then once again inevitable losses! Now she thought lower margins were the problem and that if she invested more money then she will have holding power for a couple of days and she need not book losses. Surprise, Surprise!! She lost all her money in a week’s time. Now she thinks the stringy and stingy measures of the brokers with whom she traded was the problem. She began fresh with another institution. All money is lost once again. Continue Reading

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