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Has anyone hurt you real bad?

I am sick of hearing the words ‘Justice’ and ‘Being good’ and ‘Being noble’ and ‘moving on’’ Come on, open your eyes and you will see that we are certainly not living in a just world! Well, you can always fight for justice in our appointed court of law for certain crimes, when someone has stolen your wallet or beaten you to a pulp or for corruption and a few other issues. These are accepted as crime because they are in some manner objectively measurable like finance or bodily harm or discrimination.

But what about the many crimes that remain socially unlegislated, undocumented, and unrecognized? People constantly hurt each other in ways that various societies cannot yet afford to acknowledge. In many societies personal abuse of a wife or a husband or a lover still goes unpunished. Even in supposedly advanced cultures, the social resources do not yet exist to document and punish parents who verbally abuse their children. Yet children are damaged for life after this type of abuse. What about suicide which causes unbearable sorrow to those left behind?

There are many kinds of pain, misery, and grief which must remain deeply private. So, due to either society’s inability to recognize the crime or the inherently private nature of the damage, there are many ways for one person to be hurt by another person which may never be publicly redressed. Especially those that happen within a marriage or a core partnership. Continue Reading

Lost hope? Good!!

A friend introduced me to stock market and intraday trading. After dabbling with it for sometime I took a backseat and became a mere audience. According to me the stocks did not follow any rule in their appreciation and depreciation and I could see that the advice of another friend was on dart, “It is sheer gamble.”

Unfortunately a few others who were there in the same sea along with me didn’t think so. Particularly, there was another girl who invested about twenty five thousand of her hard earned money. In one shot she lost about fifteen thousand. A small series of tiny profits followed and then there came a day when she lost all her margin and then some in one single day. Now, instead of getting alarmed, she only thought the problem was her trading methodologies and she made a decision to trade wisely. She replenished her margin. But then once again inevitable losses! Now she thought lower margins were the problem and that if she invested more money then she will have holding power for a couple of days and she need not book losses. Surprise, Surprise!! She lost all her money in a week’s time. Now she thinks the stringy and stingy measures of the brokers with whom she traded was the problem. She began fresh with another institution. All money is lost once again. Continue Reading

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