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My enemy at thirteen!

Light your hair on fire.
Swallow a caterpillar.
Bite down your ipad.
Put your finger on a live-wire.

Bad ideas, isn’t it?! But not so to teens. As you imagined the above tasks, if you were a adult and your brain were to be connected to a scanner, your distress and danger area will glow screaming automatically at the mental imagery. You will say these are bad ideas!

Supposing you were a teen-ager, you will still say these are bad ideas. But there is a difference. You will answer a moment later and it will not be a automatic response. No distress! Instead the cognitive parts of your brain will glow as if you were deliberating as to what dress to wear next day for college. 🙂 You are actually thinking about them. There is no aversion that gets triggered automatically. Continue Reading

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