You do this too??

In a few days Ragini, the poor girl, who was gang raped will be forgotten. In a few days IPL will take over, or maybe a political stunt by Rahul or Modi or even thalaivar’s latest release. The infidelity of the public outrage will be happily explained away in a single sentence, “India cannot be changed.” And we all shall become complacent once again with our own goodness, because, come on, we are good men we are, because, well… we haven’t ‘raped’ anyone!!!

But you, the very man, who posted sympathetic and outraged comments on your wall, extending full support for Ragini, might continue to rape your wife, sister, female friend… You rape our opinions, our free-thought, our right to have a say, because, well, we are women. You can beat us in the privacy of your home when you get enraged, and the same thing your wife cannot do to you. She cannot even raise her voice against you. She, who leaves her family to come and live with you cannot have problems adjusting with the new environs. But you could forbid her to speak with her family, well, because you do not like them.

You are very clear you will be the one who wears the pants in your house. And that speaks for itself. There is a convenient word that covers all your atrocities. “TRADITION AND CULTURE.” “A family’s welfare depends on the girl in the house’… Bull crap! As though you didn’t have any part. Did you know that, traditionally in India, sages like Maitreyi and Gargi rode on the horses to the yagnasthal and performed the havan just the same as a man? Well, you woudn’t!  DSC_0985

If you really want to change the way things are in this world, If you really want to show a protest to what happened to Ragini, and if you really want to ensure that this does not happen to your daughter twenty years later, would you look at the real issue besides going to the protest? Do you have the guts to take action where it matters the most? Or are you the hippocrite who protests in public, only for gangrapes and rapes our thoughts in privacy? Would you take resolutions to change your attitude towards us both in small things and bige things?

If you are a man who is reading this, then you might want to take these resolutions,  however difficult they might be for you to digest

  • I shall not deny my wife the right to have her opinions and make her decisions without forcing my view of things on her.
  • I shall not go around feeling superior that I am a man.
  • I shall not judge women who have sex before marriage as spoiled and lacking in charecter when I think, I as a man can do the same with honour and pride.
  • I shall not judge a woman as not fit for family because she loves to have fun with her friends.
  • I shall pay equally to a woman as much as I pay a man for the same designation working under my company.
  • I shall not assist my parents in getting my sister married without her permission.
  • I shall not demand the girl’s family to spend for my marriage or be interested in her property.
  • I shall keep aside my ego and be tolerant.

If you are a woman reading this, You might want to take the following resolutions as much as you go for your protests..

  • I shall not bring my sex in and blindly refuse things on the grounds of equality, but rather will forget my sex and relate from the grounds of being human, and not as man and woman.
  • I shall reighn in my emotional nature and look at issues as issues and not as sentiments.
  • I shall not reduce my own value by clinging on to alpha males.
  • When I join a company I shall not settle for a pay that is less than my male-counterpart.
  • I shall not expect my spouse or the male in my life to be the only provider of my happiness, would rather be the creator of my emotional well-being.
  • While I definitely can strive to  look pleasent, I shall not be obsessed with my physical beauty alone.
  • I too shall not rape the opinions of the people in my life by emotionally blackmailing them and hence branding myself as a woman.

Will you do this or are you, a mere sanctimonious hypocrite? All act and no action?


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Beautiful article and very well put. You got a new follower | fan | like-minded-human. 🙂

Beautiful article and very well put. You got a new follower/fan/like-minded-human. 🙂

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