Women don’t have a Soul. Period!!

See, women don’t have a soul.  That’s it, Period. What?? You say no? Ok, let me change the sentence a little. May be they do have a soul, but it must be very obvious that they have a very inferior soul. much inferior to a man’s, at least. Oh no, not again! You are protesting for this too? How thick can you get? Let’s look at all the circumstantial evidence for my statement, ok? 

Why go far, let’s just take the recent scandal Kristen Stewart Scandal. The 22 year old Kristen cheats on her boy friend Rob to make out with 41 year old Boss/director Sanders, who is married happily with two young kids. Underline the word “boy friend” and underline the word “Married”. Now everyone should know automatically that cheating a boy friend is much more criminal than cheating on a married partner. Especially when you have kids, a 5 year old and a 7 year old, your crime becomes much lesser if you make out with a girl who is twenty years your junior. And of course, you being 41 years old, your mistakes can be forgiven so easily; after all you have not had that much experience at that young age. Your impulsive desire to cheat on your wife is no big deal. So you take only one-twentieth of the total brunt directed towards the black sheep. All this because you have a man-soul only know? A man- soul can get away with anything, stupid!

Take that idiot girl on the other hand. How much more careful should she have been when she is 22, Geez, my grandmother had nine kids by then. And she had taken three years to say openly that she is dating Rob, so naturally you expect loyalty right?. How could she have treated it as anything lesser than a sacred contract set in stone once she branded him as her ‘boy-friend’? And being a woman, her body is only a robot isn’t it? She can have lust and romantic thoughts only for her boy-friend, how dare she be stimulated by anyone else?  If she had a man-soul then that is a different matter altogether. She would be allowed to rove as many women as possible, with the wife by the side, she can strip as many women as possible in her mind’s eye, and it will all be put down to having too much masculinity that is difficult to be satisfied by one woman, alpha-male and what not?. But she has a woman soul and that means she better realise that she cannot have her brain firing chemicals at any man other than her boy friend. And naturally, being in the cinema field, a noble profession, she is expected to behave like a saint. And can you believe it, she didn’t!! Inferior soul and all that-  she is paying for it by bearing 90% of the brunt.

Well, no wonder she is being called a homewrecker. Now to make my point… Woman can work as much as a man, in the same designation and she will be paid less only. Woman cannot be borne to exhibit sexual interest actively. If she does, she will be branded as a morally loose woman only. Woman’ body is not made of the same flesh as a man and so lustful thoughts or activities cannot be tolerated in any manner what so ever.  Women cannot head instituitions or lead businesses without getting branded ‘unfit for family’ or worser still a ‘man’.

And all this is perfectly acceptable by society at large, acceptable by you and me, only because, well come on, don’t be so obtuse, we all know a woman’s soul is inferior, don’t we?


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I’m no sure about what you are angry at.
– do you mean Kristen was right in her deeds
– do you mean Rupert was right in his deeds
– are you angry because Rob is victimised at the cost of Kristen
– are you angry because Rupert is relatively less guilty (as portrayed)

Media does (almost always) what brings them more money, not what is right (not that anyone knows what is right).

    I am not a great fan of codes and conducts and rights and wrongs. So I wouldn’t like to take the position of being a judge and apportioning blame. This incident is just a trigger of a long held disbelief at the mass- hypnosis we all seem to have on the role of women in society. Leave alone the media, even the tweets and status updates seem to target kristen more than Sanders. I do understand that for the media it is business, but it is business only because collectively we are more horrified at Kristen’s crossing the line than Rupert, isn’t it?

      Your first sentence (in your reply) seemingly contradicts the rest of the comment. You do seem to expect a certain code of conduct from the “collective” (though not for the “individual”). 🙂
      I agree it is biased. But, considering the big picture, we have been moving away from a ‘male-driven’ evolution for quite some centuries. It will only take few more decades (or centuries) to welcome a society that is equally horrified on Rupert. I think, we are just not yet there and it is not going to happen in a fortnight.
      So until then, either we can get mad at this state or be complacent.

Well, I am not a zombie to go without any opinion the moment I declare myself as somebody who doesn’t go heavy on codes and conducts… 🙂 So “contradicting myself” as you put it… I wouldn’t agree.

Exciting….I couldn’t stop reading…:)

That was nicely written… If I were to put my 2 cents, I would say why discriminate ‘man/women soul’ Rupert is as much as at fault as Kirsten, media only focuses on things that would grab attention… ‘Rupert Sanders cheats on his wife with a 22 year old actress’ not so catchy is it? Half the crowd wouldn’t know who Sanders is…. ‘Kirsten cheats on Rob with the ‘snow white and the huntsman’ director’ and now we have a story….

Translation: It’s acceptable for women to do anything they want because their “heart” (fickle emotions, really) tells them so. Self-centered and childish, condescending and rude behavior becomes “her meeting her needs” under the feminist mindset. I am woman. I will fuck who I want, discard my boyfriends on a regular basis because they are merely my flavors of the week, and I have more flavors than baskin robins, and I demand expensive gifts from anyone who graced with privledge of having sex with the beautiful, irreplacable, unapproachable, ultimately valuable ME ME ME ME ME ME. Now, man, man up, give me your gold card so I can go shopping, and if you’re lucky, I might treat you to sex like a good little boy when I get home, you piece of dirt. Provided I didn’t have a nooner with my boss, that is.

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