Grow up!

Do the male animal of any species, mate with the female of its species forcibly? Without the female’s explicit consent? To my knowledge, I know not a single incident where this has happened. And no, never heard of a thirty animals pack surrounding a lone female while they grope its body part. And certainly never of  another animal standing by idly and capturing the whole scene in its mobile.

Why? Why this insanity? I am not simply talking about mass scale insanity like these, but what I see in every counselling session. I see the parents of the kids  defining morality as ‘not having lustful thoughts.’ To them a ‘bad kid’ is someone genuinely interested in girls or boys, whoever happens to be the opposite sex.

I have to be blunt here and please excuse my language. People, grow up! Grow up and realize that ‘Fuck’ isn’t a bad word or a bad thing to do! ‘Hate’ is a bad word. ‘War’ is a bad word. ‘Rage and prejudice’ are bad words! ‘Depression’ is a bad word. “Fuck’ isn’t! The more you are going to make ‘fuck’ into a issue, the more your kids are going to grow up twisted like the animals below. Sorry, its an insult to animals to call these animals… whatever, you choose the word.

Teach your kid that there is nothing in the world which is more beautiful than being in the arms of a loving and a passionate woman. Tell him it’s not a bad thing to think about sex. Teach him the precautions. Tell him it’s OK to watch an erotica now and then. Also tell him that the real life sex with a woman truly in love with you is much more fun than watching two other adults in action. But before you do all this, make damn sure that your kid knows that sex without permission is something which even animals won’t do. To touch a woman’s body part without her consent is something which even a pig or a rabbid dog does not stoop to.  And to harass another being, verbally, physically or sexually, to invade into another’s space is heights of ‘sickness’.

Nail this into him, a woman is not an object. She is a human being just like him. And if she wants to drink, she will drink. If she wants to fuck someone, she will. If she feels like having a wild and crazy time, by God, she has all the rights to! Nothing in the world gives you, a stranger, the right to rape her or abuse her because she lives her life the way she sees it fit.

Teach him that to steal the dignity of a woman is a sin. A deadly sin!


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