Cleverly Tackling a Husband/Boyfriend…

It is absolutely a dismal understanding by women to think that they can handle their husbands/boyfriends with sex alone. Sometimes they also need food.

(Well, to appreciate this entry’s brevity and content be sure to read Cleverly tacking a wife/girlfriend… 😀 )


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Agreed. This should go on a billboard.
However, the title is an oxymoron. You can’t use cleverness to tackle a man. (not that women are capable of cleverness… I don’t intend to discuss that anyway… :-)).
All I mean is that it is not that difficult to tackle him. Save your cleverness.
Both species are quite unpredictable. However, unfortunately one of them think the other one is predictable.

You are an intellect of the first order…wishing you a glorious 2012.