Save your child from yourself – 1

I made this cartoon with Zoho Toondoo to save myself a long rant about how parents are doing things all wrong. 🙂 But still I should rant a little at least!

We tend to tell our children what to do all the time by giving them orders. If you notice, this leads to a lot of arguments, resistance and rebellion. You will easily get your child to do what you want if only you learn one skill…Instead of tearing your hair off by blaming and accusing and topping it up by commanding them what to do, simply describe the problem, let them decide what ought to be done, and do it!

With this skill, you will first of all save yourself a nasty mood, and better still not screw up your child’s emotional world by reinforcing his/her attitude.

When you see your child walk in without closing the door, Instead of bellowing ” HOW CARELESS CAN YOU GET?! CLOSE THE DOOR!!!”, Just say, “Priya, The door.” Just One word. Nothing more. Well, Why should you do this? First of all you are letting your child think for herself “what’s wrong with the door?!” And find a solution herself. When you command, naturally there is resistance. She might obey you but with silent resentment. When you simply point the problem, her brain visualizes the solution and takes voluntary action. You have no hostility in the bargain.

Happy you, Happy kid!


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Thanks for this wonderful tip, shall practice right away.